Live your truth.
Be a money-magnet.
Feel more joy.

Break up with


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There are a million + one ways you can
change the way your life looks on the outside.

You can change your career, change your clothes, move to a new city, find a new romantic partner.
But—until you clean up what’s on the inside, you’ll always be at risk of
falling back into the same old patterns.

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You’re probably wondering,
how the heck am I going to do all that?

It’s way easier than you might think.

There are 3 Key Components to Achieving
Genuine Healing & Lasting Transformation:


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#1: Pay Attention

Start practicing Self Awareness Right Now.

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If you had a burst pipe in your kitchen, you wouldn’t redecorate the kitchen to distract from the water damage. Instead, you’d take a closer look, identify exactly where the leak is coming from, and use the correct techniques + materials to mend the pipe.

The same goes for your life! If life is not going the way you’d hoped-- you’re craving more income, more intimacy, more joy-- then you need to turn your attention inward to identify the root cause of the issue.

>> Awareness is your most powerful tool for transformation.

I’ll teach you how to pinpoint the exact places in your life where you’re experiencing spiritual dissonance, energy leaks, resistance, or self-doubt. I’ll teach you how to tap into the wisdom and magic you already have, and I’ll share my proven techniques for deep healing, so you can move forward to create massive change in your life and business--empowered and free.

#2: Manifest on Purpose

Ready to take your Manifesting powers to the next level?

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Do you find yourself wishing for things like joy, abundance, and confidence?

Wishing is great place to start. But, wishes cannot become reality without energetic alignment, and purposeful real-life action. Intentional manifesting and aligned action are the most potent techniques you’ll use to ignite positive change in your life...fast.

I will teach you how to use these essential techniques, so you can trust in your own magic, and feel completely confident on your journey forward.

#3: Come out of Isolation

We all do say it at one point or another. I can do it MYSELF. I get it. You’re a tough chick who can pull herself up by her bootstraps, set goals, do the work, read the books, and fix her own problems, WITHOUT help. But let’s be real here. It’s an attractive concept, but it’s totally unrealistic. No one—and I mean no one—can create abundance and joy in total isolation.

Making friends never
felt so good.

Join us in the High Vibe & Empowered Entrepreneurs Facebook Group.
Friendship, wisdom, and success await.

Connecting with other like-minded people, in a safe circle, is absolutely crucial if you want to see your dreams become a reality. Support from your community allows for energetic expansion, inspiration, and the flow of knowledge.

>> When you feel held, seen, and supported by a heart-centered community that aligns with your soul, success becomes inevitable.


I see you.

You want a life and business filled to the brim with JOY and abundance. One thats free of limitations and illusions, one guided by the wisdom of the Universe, and one where you are accepted and authentically expressed in all parts of your life. A magical life, full of hope and wonder. Right?

Yet, right now you feel at odds within yourself.

You did everything right. You have everything on paper, but there is a sadness in your your soul that you just can’t shake.

You should be grateful for your life, for what you have, but you secretly feel guilty for wanting something different, something MORE, something meant for you.

You know deep down you can have it all, that you can create it, but you just aren’t sure where to start?

What to do?

It feels a little overwhelming and scary. Right?

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Hi, I’m Tani.

I’ve been there where you are.

It took me shaking up the status quo of my life to heal the depression caused by me ignoring my soul, my gifts, and my desires. I stepped into my inner mystic. I healed the parts of me afraid that I was too sensitive, or too sensual, or too emotional, so that I could fully stand in my power and my personal truth. I decided to become happy, NOW, not later.

I began nurturing my soul growth. I began putting my needs and wants first, and trusting my wise inner compass to guide me to the fulfillment of my heart and soul.

I began speaking the Universal language of creation, trusting it, following it with absolute faith, creating alignment where before there was just a deep, doubtful void. Through vibrational alignment to my desires, I’ve made space for, and created miracles.

I want you to know that your desire for MORE, is real. Your desire to have a life and business bursting with purpose, joy, and abundance is for YOU.

I help women, just like you, identify and express their soul gifts out into the world. I help you tune into the wise inner compass that is gently guiding you to manifest the life that you see in your dreams at night.

I do so by gently healing and removing the old stories, and replacing them with vibrationally aligned beliefs that will carry you forward to your Highest self expressed.

Together, we get you vibrationally aligned to that which you seek.

And then your desires flow into your life with ease.

Together, we find your untapped magic.

Learn more about the Monthly Manifesting Power Circles!


The joy and purpose you seek isn’t out there in the future, its’ here, now. It’s waiting for you to claim it, to say yes to YOU, to your desires, right now.

That’s what we do together. We make what’s in your head, come to life. It’s high vibe manifesting and it’s way more fun than you’ve been having.

The magical and happy life and business you want is yours.

You ready?

I’d love nothing more than to see you create a life filled with joy and freedom.


"Tani is one of the two coaches leading the High Vibe Tribe Mastermind that I'm a part of and I'm continually impressed with her ability to connect to what your feeling and struggling with and help you sus out what the real issues are and what you need to do to move forward. I also love her fiery passion for womans right and collaboration instead of competition between women. Its unbelievably refreshing and exactly what women need right now!"

Caterina Snyder, Business Transformation Artist

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"I had the absolute pleasure of having a Deep Dive Block Clearing Intensive with the talented and Divinely gifted, Tani Morgan. Tani was so incredible! She knew exactly what questions to asked to help increase my insight and awareness. Tani was also able to pick up on a limiting belief I’ve been working through almost immediately. YES, she is that good! She also walked me through a guided healing meditation to uncover the origin of that particular limiting belief which brought me to a scene when I was 5 years old. This was HUGE because I’ve done A LOT of healings and inner work and have processed through many of my experiences, however, this particular incident has never been brought to my awareness so THIS WAS HUGE and super helpful for my journey! Overall, Tani was absolutely amazing and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to work with her. I would recommend Tani to anyone.

Kelly Espino, Spiritual Empowerment Coach & Speaker


"Tani is amazing! Right away I felt like she was really focused on my highest good and genuinely wanting me to have breakthroughs and feel empowered. She helped me with some business strategy that I really needed as well as pinpointed something massive I was missing in my copy and approach.

I am so appreciative that we crossed paths, she is a genuine, caring, smart and amazing coach! Thank you Tani!"

Talia Dickson, Founder at The Good Feeling Life

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Why me?

I’m a High Vibe Power Co-Creater, Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher, wife, mother, and Spiritual Mentor. I am here to help you co-create your desired life and business.

I healed myself from a deep depression and during that process. I learned how powerful my thoughts really are! But despite that realization, I kept living the life that society teaches us; go to school, get a job, find a partner, buy a house, have kids and you'll live happily ever after. I did all that but I wasn't happy. That's when I started to tune into my intuition and started asking for guidance from God/Universe/Spirit.

I started following divine signs that led me on my soul growth journey. It made me realize that part of my purpose is to help and empower other women. Women just like me, who are seeking more out of life: more joy, more purpose, more success, more fulfillment and more abundance.

I know that you can create the life you dream about. I also believe that you have gifts and talents that are meant to be developed and shared with the world to make it a better place. I have a mission to help women understand their gifts, claim their power and happiness so they can share their best version of themselves with the world.

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